Research Library

The research library at the Argyle Township Court House Archives consists of a comprehensive book and periodical collection, which focuses on the history of the institutions, peoples and places that make up the Municipality of the District of Argyle, in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia.

We make a special effort to service our researchers, many of whom arrive at our archives each year knowing only that their ancestors came from somewhere in Nova Scotia.  To this end, we hold copies of most county histories in the province.

Our holdings also contain a number of published genealogies and books pertaining to matters that touch on the history of all Nova Scotians.

Due to the subject areas covered by our collection, we own a number of rare books.  Many books that have been published locally have not been widely distributed and may not be found in libraries or archives outside of this area.

Due to the fact that 75% of the population of the Municipality of Argyle is Acadian, we have an extensive collection of Acadian materials.

We have over 3,000 publications in our library in a variety of subject areas.  Our library database is only available on-site.