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The Argus Quarterly Newsletter

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The Argus is one of Nova Scotia’s most unique and most successful regional publications. This quarterly newsletter is devoted to the recording and preservation of the history of the Argyle region within Yarmouth County and maintains over 400 subscribing members.. The Argus publishes historical and genealogical articles pertaining to the history of the families, communities and institutions that make up the Municipality of Argyle. The newsletter reflects the unique blend of Acadian, Planter and Loyalist heritage that permeates this area of Nova Scotia. Published by the Argyle Municipality Historical & Genealogical Society from their archives, located adjacent to the museum, which is Canada’s oldest standing courthouse, in Tusket, Nova Scotia.

The Argus is the quarterly newsletter of the Argyle Municipality Historical & Genealogical Society. At the time of the formation of our Society in 1989, we began immediately to publish a quarterly newsletter. It was the view of the founding Directors that one of the most important activities for the Society was to undertake the serious recording of the history of the communities, people and institutions that make up the Municipality of Argyle – and it was decided The Argus would devote itself to the publication of historical and genealogical articles pertaining to the Municipality.

The name Argus was chosen not only for the origins and meaning of the word but also because the first three letters of the word corresponded with the first three letters of Argyle.

The dictionary meaning of the word, as given in the first issue of the newsletter is as follows:

“Argus [In Fr., Lat., & c., Argus] from the Greek, Argos – shining bright, because Argus’s eyes were so.
1. Class. myth.: A son of Arestor, said to have had 100 eyes, of which only two slept at one time, the several pairs doing so in succession. When killed by Mercury his eyes were put into the tail of the peacock … Argus was deemed a highly appropriate name to give to a vigilant watchdog.”

Vol.1 nos. 1 & 2, Spring & Summer 1989, was the first issue of the newsletter. It consisted of 26 pages. The newsletter has continued to publish on a quarterly basis since that time. Many improvements have been made over the years. Most issues now run between 35 and 45 pages. The articles are lavishly illustrated with photographs from the collection in our Archives. The newsletter is printed on 8 1/2 x 11 paper and corner stapled.

The Argus has proved to be a very popular newsletter. Our membership has climbed steadily from 75 members in 1989 to approximately 500 (paying) members, which we have maintained for the past two decades.  We are able to continue to maintain, or increase, these membership numbers mainly due to people wishing to receive this publication.  All members of the Society receive four issues per year.

Some back issues of the newsletter remain available. To request a back issue of The Argus, please contact us.