Custodial History

All Municipal Council meetings were held at the Argyle Township Court House at Tusket from the municipality’s incorporation in 1879, but nothing resembling a business office for the municipality seems to have been undertaken until 1945. Previous to this time Municipal Clerks had always been from the village of Tusket, and appear to have kept the majority of the records at their homes. Whether all of these records eventually found their way into the Court House and thus into this fonds, or whether some records are still in private hands is unclear.

From 1945-1976 a proper staff was on hand in the Court House and about one-half of the records in the fonds are thought to have been left in the building when the Municipality of Argyle removed its offices to the renovated Tusket School Building in 1976. The Archives was subsequently established in the Court House building with these and other abandoned municipal records forming the core of its holdings. The remainder of the records in the fonds were transferred to the Archives from the Municipal Office in approximately equal portions in 1990 and 1996. A small portion of the records were removed from the archives’ TMS series of documents which had been arranged and described by grant-funded employees during the 1970s. These records were moved in order to bring together all of the Municipality’s extant records from the late 1920s which otherwise would have been scattered throughout several archival series.