Estate of Isaac S. Hatfield General Store – Tusket, NS

The Isaac S. Hatfield General Store was first built in the 1840′s for Tracy G. Harding. After Harding’s death the store was run by his widow, who subsequently married Isaac S. Hatfield. Isaac Hatfield died in 1872, after which his widow continued to run the store until the 1890′s, when it was sold to her nephew, Tracy G. Hatfield. The store eventually passed to Tracy G. Hatfield’s son, P. Lent Hatfield, on the 18th of September 1919, who ran a Dry Goods Store from the same premises. The following business records all came out of the same building in Tusket, NS.

Day Book – 1876-1884
Day Book – 1883-1885
Day Book – 1885-1888
Day Book – 1888 -1890