Rio Algom Tin Mine – East Kemptville, NS

The Rio Algom Tin Mine opened in East Kemptville in 1984, and closed in 1992. ATCHA has an assortment of records from the mine, which were deposited here after its closure. This collection of reports and documents by no means represents a full record of the operations of the mine during its brief life span. The following is a list of the materials held:

  • “Five Year Mining Plans – 1988 to 1992 – Milling Rate, 10,000 TPD.” Prepared by Roy Fougere, Chief Mine Engineer, and Denis Gregoire, Mine Superintendant, October, 1987. Contains 6 surveyed mining plans. 100 pages.
  • “Project M1256 Brief to Rio Algom Limited on Tailings Disposal Design – East Kemptville Project, East Kemptville, Nova Scotia.” Prepared by Jacques, Whitford & Associates Ltd. in association with Klohn Leonoff Ltd., July 1984. Contains numerous tables and surveyed plans. 400 pages.
  • “Rio Algom Limited East Kemptville Project Contract No. E.K.299.C105 – Site Grading, March 1984.” 100 pages.
  • “East Kemptville Mine Status Report – October 1988,” 83 pages.
  • “Metallurgical Dept. Month End Report, August 1987,” 27 pages.
  • “Rio Algom Limited East Kemptville Project Systems Training Manual – Grinding Mills Air System.” Prepared by Marianne Jenkins, May 1985. 200 pages.
  • “Rio Algom “Material Safety Data Sheets Listing”.” Divided into the following categories: Mill Reagents, Compressed Gases, Explosive Materials, Paints, and other materials. 300 pages.
  • “Agreement Between Rio Kemptville Tin Company and National Automobile Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers Union of Canada (CAW-CANADA) and its Local 2214.” 2 copies of this agreement, one effective January 7, 1991 and one effective March 1, 1991. 75 pages each.
  • “Rio Algom Limited – Training and Development Manual – Bobcat Loader.” 14 pages.
  • Architectural plans for “Equipment and Storage Building,” 21 August 1986.
  • Architectural plans for “Reclaim Weir Treatment Plant,” August 1986.