Series F: Assessment Schedules, Notices to Ratepayers, and Assessment Field Cards. — 1859-1968. — 4.44 m of textual records.

Series consists of:

  • assessment schedules
  • notices to ratepayers
  • assessment field cards.

These are the tools which were used by tax assessors in order to maintain a record of assessment values on individual properties throughout the Municipality of Argyle. A wide variety of information on properties is recorded in these documents, such as acreage’s; building dimensions & age; and ownership of personal property such as livestock, farming & fishing equipment.

Title based on contents of series.

Sub-series 1: Assessment Schedules. — 1859-1924. — 1 cm of textual records.

Sub-series consists of assessment schedules for the period 1864-1924. Assessment Schedules are documents which show the breakdown on assessment values for real and personal property for individuals.

Assessment schedules, schedules of property, and estimates of property were written by either appointed assessors or by the individuals whose property was assessed. Assessment schedules, schedules of property, and estimates of property are handwritten documents and are usually signed and dated by the creator. The assessment schedules are arranged chronologically and cover the period 1864-1924.

Sub-series 2: Notices to Ratepayers. — 1887-1927. — 1.23 m of textual records.

Sub-series consists of notices to ratepayers. These notices are the records kept by tax assessors on individual properties. Copies of these would have been sent to tax payers and a master copy would have been retained by the Municipal Clerk. The notices to ratepayers are an early version of the “Assessment Field Cards”, and contain much the same information. Each notice records the tax payers name, occupation, general description of real estate, number of acres, number of acres improved, number of acres of orchard and garden, number of acres under crop, number of acres of dyke and marshland, total value of real estate, amount of livestock, etc.

During this period tax assessors were appointed in each taxation or polling district. These assessors were responsible for keeping assessment records up-to-date on properties in their respective districts. In some cases new notices to ratepayers were completed on an annual basis, in other cases notices may have served for a range of years.

Notices exist for the years 1887 (only one notice), 1888-1897, 1899-1903, 1905-1911, 1913-1919, and 1925-1927.

Sub-series 3: Assessment Field Cards. — 1958-1968. — 3.20 m of textual records.

Sub-series consists of assessment field cards which were used by assessors in order to assess the value of property. These cards record various details pertaining to the property being assessed. Details include information about foundations, roofing materials, plumbing, basements, heating, construction, attics, exterior walls, land, etc.. The assessment field cards are arranged into two date ranges, the first range being from 1958-1962, and the second from 1963-1968. Within these date ranges the assessment field cards are arranged by district, and within the districts alphabetically by the name of the person whose property is being assessed. Each assessment field card may contain assessments for a number of years within that date range.

The assessment field cards are printed forms which were filled out by hand by the assessors at the time of the field assessment. The layout of the assessment field cards are a little different for each period (i.e. 1958-1962 and 1963-1968).

Information recorded on assessment field cards may vary. Some are complete and some have almost no information recorded.