APPENDIX 5: Argyle Municipality School Registers held by the PANS

All school registers contain a list of students attending school, their ages, sometimes the names of their parents, names of teachers, attendance records, etc. Due to government legislation school registers are supposed to remain closed to the public for 80 years from the date of the record’s creation. At the same time individuals may have access to records pertaining to themselves.

At the time of the consolidation of schools in the Municipality of Argyle, and the subsequent closure of the one-room community schools in the 1950′s and 1960′s, various teachers or other school board officials were assigned the task of gathering all school registers from the various school sections. These registers were then deposited with the Municipality of Argyle. Those registers were then transferred to the Public Archives of Nova Scotia (PANS) in Halifax.

The collecting of the registers was obviously done on an ad-hoc basis. In a number of cases school registers were no longer to be found in the schools themselves. Sometimes the registers were held in the private homes of school trustees, teachers and other individuals. A number of these registers have subsequently been deposited in our archives, or loaned to us for copying. We are aware of yet additional registers which are held privately to which we have not had access.

For a listing of Argyle Municipality school registers held by the Argyle Township Court House & Archives see Appendix 4: Argyle Municipality School Registers held by the Argyle Township Count House & Archives

The PANS listing of Argyle Municipality school registers gives the date range of registers held for each individual school. This does not always indicate that a complete range or set of registers exists. Further inquiries would have to be made to PANS.

Inventory of Argyle Municipality School Registers Held by the Public Archives of Nova Scotia (PANS)

  • Amirault’s Hill, 1922-1984
  • Argyle Consolidated, 1961-1983
  • Argyle Head, 1947-1958
  • Argyle Sound, 1928-1959
  • Bell Neck, 1959
  • Belleville North, 1958; 1959
  • Belleville South, 1958; 1959
  • Central Argyle, 1937-1959
  • Central Kemptville, 1906-1958
  • Centre East Pubnico, 1963-1982
  • East Pubnico, 1903-1959
  • Eel Brook, 1969-1972
  • Gavelton, 1957; 1958
  • Glenwood, 1893-1959
  • Lower Argyle, 1952-1960
  • Lower West Pubnico, 1880-1960
  • Plymouth Consolidated, 1975-1984
  • Pubnico, 1917-1959
  • Ste.-Anne-du-Ruisseau, 1951-1981
  • Tusket, 1867-1960
  • Wedgeport Consolidated, 1982-1984
  • West Pubnico Consolidated, 1961-1984
  • West Quinan, 1923-1949

List Compiled: 14 June 1989