SERIES K: SUB-SERIES 1-8 Students. — 1885-1982; (predominant 1950-1982). — 1.21 metres of textual records.

Series consists of enrollment, registration, and achievement records pertaining to students. Also includes correspondence and reports regarding problems with students (these records include both disciplinary and behavioral problems, as well as physical and/or mental handicaps); school census returns; and records of payments of tuition for students enrolled at the School for the Blind and the School for the Deaf in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

School registers are filed alphabetically by the name of the school, then by the department (Advanced or Primary) or the grade, and afterwards by the year.

The school registers of the various schools within the Municipality of Argyle were to be conceded to the Argyle Municipal School Board when the school sections consolidated and the various community schools closed. Those that were turned in were afterwards transferred to the Public Archives of Nova Scotia. (A list of Argyle Municipality registers found at the Public Archives is included in this series.) Not all school registers were turned in as they were supposed to have been. Some still exist in private hands throughout the municipality and have occasionally been donated to the Argyle Township Court House Archives, or loaned for copying. Further accruals are, therefore, expected.

School registers are located in the Argyle Township Court House Archives vault.

For additional information on students, see also RG 10, Series E, Sub-series 4 and 5, and Series P, Sub-series 2.

School registers, school census returns, as well as records pertaining to problems with students and student achievements (Sub-series 2, 3, 5, and 6), are closed (80 years from date of creation).

RG 10, Series K, Sub-series 1 to 6.