Series C: Provincial/Municipal Legislation 1880-1925

21 cm of textual records.

Series consists of provincial and municipal legislation, by-laws, and resolutions, passed by either the Nova Scotia Legislature or the Municipal Council for the Municipality of Argyle. This legislation established the laws and regulations by which Municipal Council operated, and by which the people were governed.

These documents provide a record of the day-to-day interaction between municipal and provincial government, and show how municipal legislation was created, amended, and ultimately approved or rejected by the Provincial Government. Records have been arranged in three sub-series including:

  • municipal by-laws
  • provincial legislation
  • municipal resolutions.

Title based on contents of series.

Additional information regarding communication between Municipal and Provincial Government officials can be found in RG3 Series G Correspondence.

Sub-series 1: Municipal By-laws & Regulations. — 1881-1919. — 9 cm of textual records.

Sub-series consists of by-laws passed by the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Argyle, and subsequently approved by the Nova Scotia Legislature. By-laws pertain to animal control, registration and use of automobiles in the Municipality, tax collection, polling district boundaries, and the regulating of peddlers and auctions.

Sub-series also includes some correspondence between the Municipality of Argyle and the Provincial Government pertaining to by-law revisions. There is also a draft copy of materials pertaining to the revision of all municipal by-laws for 1901.

Title based on contents of sub-series.
By-laws pertaining to roads & bridges are found in RG3 Series J, Sub-series 1.
Copies of published by-laws are found in the archive’s library.

Sub-series 2: Provincial Legislation. — 1880-1921. — 10 cm of textual records.

Sub-series consists of published copies of individual Provincial Bills & Acts, under which the Municipal Government operated some of which have been marked by the Municipal Clerk for his own use. The Acts pertain to liquor control, elections, acts enabling the Municipality of Argyle to borrow money for various purposes (building ditches, water courses, buildings, etc.), highway labour and the expenditure of Provincial Road Money, public health, revision of polling districts, sheriffs, education and tax assessment.

Title based on contents of sub-series.
See also published Statutes of Nova Scotia located in the archive’s library.

Sub-series 3: Municipal Council Resolutions. — 1893-1925. — 2 cm of textual records.

Sub-series consists of resolutions pertaining to the amalgamation of poor districts in preparation of building a Poor Asylum in Argyle, ditches and water courses, liquor control, divisions of electoral districts, acquisition of additional land for the Poor Farm, boundaries of the Town of Wedgeport, amendments to the Children’s Protection Act, Wedgeport Telephone Co., medical health officers for the Municipality of Argyle, tourism, and the construction of the South Shore Railway.

Resolutions were formal motions passed by Municipal Council in order to accept or change provincial & municipal legislation, and to establish formal policies and procedures not necessarily covered by legislation.